Get to Know Us and Our Philosophy

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Jess has worked with children and families in private practice, community health, and at the Royal Children's Hospital. As well as working at Protea Therapy, Jess is a lecturer at the University of Melbourne, and post-doctoral researcher at Murdoch Children's Research Institute.


Jess' areas of research interest include cleft and craniofacial differences, speech, language and stuttering. Her research has led to publications in scientific journals and international speaking engagements.

Jess is a multilingual speech pathologist and provides services to families in English and Mandarin. She has a particular interest in working with children experiencing:

  • Difficulties learning to read

  • Early communication delays

  • Speech sound disorders

  • Communication difficulties related to cleft lip and/or palate

Outside work, Jess enjoys exploring a new sewing project while listening to a good podcast.


BA BSpPath(Hons) PhD CPSP

Katherine has more than 15 years' experience working with children across a number of settings including the Royal Children's Hospital, early intervention, and private practice. Her PhD research investigating the feeding, speech, and language development of children born preterm was published in international scientific journals. In addition to her work at Protea Therapy, Katherine works with the Informed SLP, translating the latest research evidence into useable information for speech pathologists, and is a regular guest speaker at universities and conferences.

Katherine has a special interest in supporting children and families experiencing:

  • Feeding, eating, drinking, and swallowing concerns

  • Early communication delays and late talking

  • Speech sound disorders

Outside work, Katherine enjoys reading, bushwalks, and watching her sons try to fit entire croissants in their mouths.

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Why Protea?

The protea flower symbolises growth, change, and hope. The proteacae family of flowers is remarkable for being diverse and adaptable, evolving to nourish and shelter all kinds of fauna in a range of different environments. At Protea Therapy, we are always evolving and adapting to provide you and your child with what you need to achieve the change and growth that is important to you.

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Naomi has experience working with children at the Royal Children's Hospital, community health, and in not-for-profit settings. She balances her work at Protea Therapy with working with unwell infants and children at Monash Children's Hospital, and teaching the next generation of speech pathologists at Australian Catholic University. She has published and presented research on language development in children born preterm, and is working towards her certification as a lactation consultant.

Naomi is especially committed to supporting children and families with:

  • Feeding, eating, drinking, and swallowing concerns (especially in very young children)

  • Early communication delays and late talking

  • Speech sound disorders