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  • Do I need a referral to see a therapist at Protea Therapy?
    Not at all. We welcome referrals from health and education professionals, but no referral is needed to see our therapists. Simply contact us to ask to be added to our waiting list.
  • What funding or rebates can I use for services at Protea Therapy?
    The therapists at Protea Therapy can see: Children with self-managed NDIS funding Children with Medicare funding via the following plans: Chronic Disease Management Pathway (requires GP plan) Follow Up Allied Health Services for People of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Descent (requires GP plan) Helping Children with Autism/Better Start for Children with a Disability (requires paediatrician or psychiatrist plan) Children with private health insurance. Whether your insurance covers speech pathology will depend on your provider and level of cover. Please speak to your insurance provider to determine whether your cover includes speech pathology services.
  • What if I'm not eligible for any of the funding schemes listed above?
    No problem! We also see private fee paying clients.
  • My child needs an autism assessment or other one-off assessment service (e.g. second opinion, diagnostic assessment, funding assessment.) Can you help?
    We can provide one-off assessments where required. For autism assessment, this should be part of a coordinated assessment approach that also includes a paediatrician and psychologist.
  • Do you see children with...?
    At Protea Therapy, we have experience working with children with a wide range of medical and developmental diagnoses. We know that it is important to feel that your therapist has the experience and expertise to work with your child. You can rest assured that your therapist has the knowledge and skills to manage a range of communication and feeding problems, even if they have not encountered your child's specific diagnosis before. The speech pathologists at Protea Therapy work across research, tertiary education, and science communication, as well as clinical settings; and use cutting-edge research to ensure they have the knowledge they need to manage each client.
  • Are you trained in...?
    The speech pathology team at Protea Therapy have trained in a wide range of therapy approaches, including, but not limited to: Key Word Sign, Pragmatic Organisational Dynamic Display (PODD), Hanen (It Takes Two to Talk and More Than Words), BLADES, Sounds Write, UQPAL, Cued Articulation, the Nuffield Dyspraxia Program, Dynamic Temporal and Tactile Cueing, PROMPT, the Lidcombe Program, SOS Feeding Therapy, Ellyn Satter's Division of Responsibility, The Get Permission Approach to Feeding, AEIOU Systematic Approach to Pediatric Feeding, and Behavioural InTEgrated with Speech (BITES) Feeding Therapy. We love attending professional development, and our list of postgraduate training is constantly growing.
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